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Florida Fishing Report



Blackwater Rampage 

Amy Salrin gets a helping hand from CEO deckhand, Brian Timmons in displaying her impressive catch.
Amy was fishing with her husband, Fred, on a recent giant tarpon trip. She got you again Fred! Amy is still your best catch! Congrats on the nuptials! 

Florida Fishing Report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
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The gin clear flats and the emerald green water of the beaches are the theaters of engagement for the tempest of anglers looking to test their mettle against the silver king in spring.

When the fish leave these areas to spawn just after the summer solstice, the crowds thin and the "season" is over...or so they say.

While the general movement of the post spawn tarpon is north, many of the fish break off into larger rives, bays and harbors. Unlike the fish of spring that are tightly massed and often pre-occupied in "things" relating to reproduction, summer tarpon are here to feed. Spawning is a vigorous activity for a wild animal and the need to regain body fat and oil is imperative for the third function of a fish-to live, swimming (eating and reproducing being one and two). As tarpon do throughout their life cycle, they prefer to find their summer habitat free from their natural predator, the shark.

Tarpon will swim great distances well up inside these estuaries and will stop to feed on the potpourri of minnows that inhabit these black-water areas. Actually, gorging is a more accurate description of their feeding behavior. Staying true to their lackadaisical nature, they prefer to take their snacks by the mouthful. Sometimes the bait can seem too plentiful and getting them to strike your offering is maddening even though the fish are in full frenzy all around you. Tarpon are tarpon and it is game on!

Over recent years, the secrets of long time "off season" tarpon experts have been leaked out in over exposed media of the 21st century. The long time society of black-water anglers are now finding the temperament of some fish changing in their feeding habits and how long they want to "hang around" a spot before they decide that they are having too much fun there. In some instances, respect, dignity and honor are all lost with bad etiquette or simple ignorance. Like too many things in life that are not honed with hard work, it is easy come and easy go. It is a sad occurrence for many who have dedicated their lives to this fish/fishery with the deepest passion of their heart.

Savvy anglers are overcoming these "new" issues by breaking away from the "packs" to find other fish that act like black-water tarpon should. However, it is often just a day or two until these angling experts are "found" again and so on they must move to find more fish until folks find them again the next day. The drum beats on...

We are in mid August now. The fish will cycle towards the gulf as we move into September. Other fish that winter here will hang back and can be found around the large bridges spanning Tampa Bay until the first cold fronts of winter. The juveniles will be viable targets until the larger gulf fish return next year.

We have a few weeks to go before the summer doldrums are behind us. Now is the time to book your peak fall fishing trips for snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, cobia, Spanish and king mackerel, snapper and grouper.

I'll keep the words short. Several images from the past weeks are to follow. My apologizes to our dialup users for the long download. Enjoy the images!

Screaming Drags And Tired Arms!

Robert McCue

The strike. A blackwater tarpon throws the plug in an awesome display of aerial savagery. 
 Amazingly, when the line came tight, the fish was re-hooked and landed a short time later.


Mike Rolfes leans in for a quick shot before release. Mike is a long time favorite tarpon angler with us.


Long time friend, Bob Greenwald, prefers the shallow flats for reds, trout and snook. After settling from a recent move,
 it was time to slip away to the Florida backwaters for aquatic therapy and some, ummm, giant
tarpon (sorry Bob! ;-o) aboard the Bounty Hunter. 

Above: morning has broken for Bob and brother Al, when this giant broke bad at daylight.
Below: The end result.


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