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Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Moons & Weather

It Won’t Be Long Now


Warm weather filtered across the state this past week. Forecasters are predicting much of the same for the week ahead. I can not help but notice the sun meeting the horizon later with each passing day. It won’t be long now.

Staple scaled sardines are sure to show in the traditional first locales with a continued warming trend, and are only to be pushed out with the less frequent passing high-pressure systems. The here today-gone tomorrow scenario is a perfect situation to keep fishing at it’s optimum level.

Trout will be the first to make their spring debut, followed by redfish, and then snook. Juvenile tarpon will roll with a big smile and gladly oblige to many offerings on the right tide at daybreak. Jack cravelle will ravage the flats and cobia will be found in the deeper waters surrounding structure.

Spanish mackerel and kingfish will migrate through the area and the grouper will be on the feed just off the coast.

All of these species are being caught in some numbers at the present. Working methodically around the flats and near shore waters will reap rewards spending time for. If the weather should continue, phase one of spring fishing will be on it’s way the next two weeks.

Late February and well into March is the traditional time to cash in on the sheepshead spawn. The full-blown adult size convict fish make their way inshore and can be found on the reefs, wrecks, bridges and markers. While these smaller of these fish receive little respect the rest of the year, they are a different story now. Some of these fish will be caught in the 12 to 15 lb. class and are as tuff as nails. In addition to pulling power, they too offer a challenge in the finesse of their bite. They are suckers for shrimp, tube worms, oysters, barnacles and crabs, as well as tipped jigs. They are notorious bait stealers and you must remember to set the hook before they bite.

The new boat is in the final stages of being ready to roll. If the weather continues, its timing will be impeccable for the height of spring fishing. Dates are limited from now through July. Though it may be early in the year, now is the time to get them for 2000.

Screaming drags and tired arms!

Robert McCue

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