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Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters
Florida fishing charters



Silver Kings Rule

Giant tarpon were early to arrive in Boca Grande this year. It is only timely that about 10 days ago, the fish began the migration to the the north. The beaches now yield a few pods moving south, and more fish-humping north. Last week two large schools containing more than 10,000 fish headed down the channel not to return to the pass.

What does this mean? Well rest assured there are plenty of fish in the pass, beaches, and Pine Island Sound. A full moon is approaching. Next week expect to see more fish inside the harbor, the rivers, and Tampa Bay. This fishing is the specialty of a few top tarpon guides. No my dear Watson, tarpon season is not over.

Readers need to be advised of a true tarpon guide and a jig guide. While several tarpon guides spend plenty of time in the pass, they too hunt tarpon on the beaches, backcountry, bays and rivers. There are now many "expert" tarpon guides who jig the pass, go in for lunch, and then jig the pass later. The truth is; well frankly, there is more going on than that. While when the tide is right I will spend my time in the pass. However, I too offer anglers the opportunity to catch giant tarpon sight casting the flats and beaches. On each and every flats and beach trip this year, we were able to provide opportunities for anglers to test their mettle with hooked up GIANT TARPON. Demand nothing less on a top dollar charter!!! I too must advise to watch the weather. There are an alarming number of guides fishing the pass from bass and flats boats in wind and sea conditions totally unsafe. Folks, if your shoes are floating on the deck or the guide has to put his boat on the beach to drain the cockpit, you are fishing in life threatening conditions. Ask be taken somewhere else. An "expert tarpon guide" WILL KNOW where to take you in safe and productive waters.

I hate to sound like a whiner. Lord knows we have plenty of them. I do feel however, that what I am saying needs to be addressed. With everyone now claiming to have "20 years experience", "full-time", the fact is many are bass guides, part timers, and have less than 3 years experience. You need not be knowledgeable to fish a jig in the drift of top guide. While I do take my lumps as a transient tarpon guide following the fish 8 months a year. I know my business and know it well. While I can barely take on more business as the season comes to head, I feel obligated to educate against the "hoax tarpon guide".

Hard bottom dredges, channels, and river mouths inside Tampa Bay will be hot the next few weeks. These are post spawn tarpon are hear to feed, and their temperament is much different than pre-spawn fish engaged in foreplay. They are suckers for the fakes. The Cotee Button Eye Minnow, the 52,65,72 series Mirr-O-lures are perfect for these back- bay poons. Locate your fish in the pre-dawn darkness and cast the slow sinking baits to slow rolling tarpon. Live crabs, threadfins, sardines, and fresh dead shad all to be top baits as well.

The major bridges that span Tampa Bay will hold " here today, gone tomorrow" tarpon as well. It takes many years to learn the circuit on the bridges. To this day I continue to learn as well. Understanding tides and particular " eddies" and " rips" as well as the movement of fish around the Bay on particular moon phases will keep you in the fish.

Is tarpon season over? Hardly, unless you have to return inland to Orlando, or back to your other business. For the rest of us, the quest for GIANT TARPON continues.

Screaming drags and tired arms!!!

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