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Florida Fishing Report

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Lift Off !

Morning has broken in tarpon country USA.

Florida Fishing Report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
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Just as during our last El Nino winter in 1998, it started out very mild and then we got hit late with some Canadian Arctic air. Water temperatures plummeted into the lower- and mid-50s. Normally, that is end of things until the water rebounds into the lower 60s several days or sometimes a week after a blow of this magnitude. Despite having cooler waters that are ultra clear later than usual, those of us putting in our time are still able to score.

Trout are normally the bread and butter species of winter. While we've had our share of fine winter trout, the bigger story is the redfish. Each year a particular species of fish stands in the forefront of cycles, and for this past year it has to be the reds. A passing front will send the fish to nearby holes, creeks, rivers, ditches and springs. On the first sunny day following the big chill, the fish will "crawl" out to the shallows to catch a few rays and maybe get lucky by finding something to eat. We have been finding nice pockets of upper slot and over-sized reds on all phases of the tides. However, the party really starts on the upper 1/3 of the flood and ebb. With a stealth approach, we've been getting both quality and quantity.

The water is still on the cooler side for neo tropical snook. The Vernal Equinox will occur on March 21. The days are lengthening and as the ratio of light to darkness increases, the biological time clock of the snook signals that its time to test the edges of the flats. Late fronts in March can put a damper on the snook, but by far, this is the best month to catch large and unpressured trophies.

 Kyle Mas was all smiles with a nice Florida pompano. A little finesse is required to capture the elusive Florida pompano and Kyle has what it takes!



Juvenile tarpon have been very cooperative all winter. Many days the fish are not showing well, but savvy anglers who have mastered time honed winter tarpon skills are getting their fish. Most fish average 10 to 30lbs. While they have not the fighting prowess of their parents, they are a blast on light tackle and often the final ingredient in securing a flats "grand slam" (redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon). Not a bad way to complete a winter day!

The Ides of March are just two weeks ahead. Expect the king and Spanish mackerel, cobia, grouper and permit to return to the nearshore waters then.

Giant tarpon will be the quest of those who hail from all parts of the world wishing to test their mettle against the greatest, big game fish on earth. Each year tens of thousands of tarpon congregate along our coast in numbers second to none in the world. The beauty of this fascinating species is its character traits of purity and non-discrimination.   They will eat anything and grace anyone with their company regardless of their race, creed, color, or income.

Left and below images: Howard Fetter scored big with a state official "Florida Gulf Coast Slam" (tarpon, snook, redfish), last week. 


For me, the intrigue of tarpon is found within the theater of serenity, euphoric desertion and sovereignty that I can share with many who have the same common ambitions as myself. In today's modern era, we my not have the tarpon to ourselves, but for that moment we find solitude and nothing else matters. The joy of being able to take someone tarpon fishing and to watch their reaction as that first tap turns wild and the hard pull from the depths suddenly turns into a sub-surface to air ballistic missile are bonuses of my profession.  The sounds of the ferocious rattle of the gill rakers, the sight of the majestic, tail-walk dance of the silver king or the 360 degree back flips, and the stamina needed for the fight by man and beast is a spectacle for all senses. These are the experiences of a lifetime and for many of my clients a challenge we refer to as "our annual calling".  

CEO deckhand, Brian Timmons and I took off on a busman's holiday after a last second postponement. It was January, but that was not to stop the "B man" from scoring a true grand slam (tarpon, snook, redfish, trout).

In sports, tarpon fishing is equivalent to the Daytona 500 of NASCAR, the World Series of baseball, or the Tour de France of cycling. Tarpon are the crown jewel of Florida flats fishing and the apex of light tackle fishing experienced anywhere in the world.  I invite you as a serious contender in this championship game to join me in this experience for 2007.

Call your personal trainer, start your weight training today, and bring plenty of Ben Gay as the zenith of 2007 Florida fishing is now just weeks away.

Screaming Drags and Tired Arms!

Robert McCue


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