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Florida Fishing Report




Left to Right: Cullen (9), Dad-Eric, and Dev (7) McCabe with a team effort in landing this trophy/over-sized snook. The 3 generation outing saw 
plenty reds, snook and tarpon  See more of their catch and "grandpa" Randy, below.

Florida Fishing Report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
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First and foremost, I want to apologize for any delay in downloading this report, but thankfully we have had a very busy spring. Warning, this report is image intense! I will try to get in as many images as I can. To publish them all is virtually impossible considering all of your angling successes, though I try. I am very partial to children who have "great expectations" and greatly anticipate seeing their images here. Occasionally I miss some and if I do, please email me so I may address that.

The weather is under direction of the Chamber of Commerce. Strong ridges and bubbles of high pressure have the winds howling out of an easterly direction and have been for some time now. The skies are bluebird and the air is warm. Not the best conditions in which to catch fish; however, there is one exception. There is this one period of time that occurs every year, where nothing else matters. It is that magical time of year that serves as our calling and that time is now!

Now is when you will find the baitfish migrating up the coast and into the shoreline. Hungry Spanish macks, kingfish, cobia, grouper, barracuda and sharks are in hot pursuit. Inshore, the resident fish travel outside their winter haunts looking to regain lost body fat. 


The Nakamuira group was back at it again. This year's agenda? It was Bounty Hunter Redfish V 1.0. Here the guys are tripled up on the jumbo reds. Having a 50 redfish afternoon fellas? In addition to the phenomenal redfishing, snook and tarpon were also taken.

Dr. Kirk Hooper and son "take 5" to catch their breath and take a snapshot during a afternoon redfish rally. In addition to the redfish frenzy, snook and tarpon were also taken.

Redfish school, snook have their guards down, and trout are in pre-spawn feeding mode. Jacks can be seen in schools marauding the clear shallows and the classic cobia's riding of the backs of Southern stingrays is definitely worth a cast or two for a shot at a good fight with a potentially tasty outcome.

I see no significant cold fronts in the forecasted future. We all know Mother Nature will have her way and throw one or two at us when we least expect it, but for the most part spring has sprung. Night temperatures are falling in the lower 60s and daytime highs are in the mid 80s. The Vernal Equinox arrived on the 21st of March. It’s time…time to let the pictures do the talking.

We are now just weeks away from the start of the giant tarpon season. Each year, those wishing to test their mettle against the ultimate big game fish make the pilgrimage from all around the globe. They are neurologists and they are cattle ranchers. They speak English and they speak Japanese. They fish the silver gladiator with wimpy long rods and weightless flies. Just as well, they  fish tarpon  from 50 lb. class Pompanette fight chairs. 

But when they come before the silver king to play his tantalizing games of  aerobatic cartwheels,  hot blitzing runs and elegant tail walks, the "king" holds no judgment on who you are, what language you speak, where you are from or what you choose as your tackle. The silver king cares nothing if you fish from a bridge, a pier, a million dollar yacht or a kayak. Self proclaimed Waltonians will try to convince you otherwise. Tarpon have a long history of forming and dividing social classes and too, bringing out the best in self-consumed personas. However, we are all tarpon afishionados. It is that "some" are just more successful than others and never "just say no." ;-o).

"Life is good. Yeah.". Bring it Silver King!

Enjoy the images (continue to scroll down)!

Screaming Drags and Tired Arms!

Robert McCue

Above Left: Louis Smith, Dan Donaldson and son Danny Donaldson display part of their catch on a recent trip which included redfish, snook, grouper and tarpon. Above Right: Danny shows off an over-sized trophy snook prior to release.

Left: Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers "special teams" coach (now with the Houston Texans) and old friend, Joe Marciano, with one of many reds taken on a recent trip.Right: Grandpa Dave Musch and grandsons show off a "few" reds and grouper from a recent trip.

More McCabe action! Left: Dev, Eric and Cullen with a nice tarpon above. Right: Cullen, grandpa Randy, and Dev with an nice redfish.

Screaming Drags and Tired Arms!

Robert McCue


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