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Our Florida fishing report page offers up to date information on fishing in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, Orlando and Boca Grande area of Florida's West Coast.For more information on our Florida fishing charters and tarpon fishing charters, please click the link below

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Florida Fishing Report

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Florida Fishing Report


Florida Fishing Report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
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Charlie left his cell phone at the condo for the morning and bested his personal record of 185 with this 200 on the very next drift post Brian's 185 (see next image).

Forrest Gump once said “life’s like a box of chocolates----not sure whacha gonna get”. And so too, true of fishing in the Giant Tarpon Capitol of the World. Presenting bait in the thick masses of fish here could yield an average 100lbs. or test world record fish exceeding 200lbs.

The winds have subsided and further acted to cool the water some seven degrees. The fish have returned in record numbers and sizes. In fact, there are more fish here now than at any other point this year. Most impressive is the number of smaller fish mixed in with the sexually mature giants. A sure indication, the fishery is strong, growing stronger, and is second to none in the world

Not much to report. We are slammin’ them in typical peak season fashion. Enjoy the images and a short personal experience to follow.


In my years in this business I have been fortunate to meet many quality people, from many walks of life. Every so often some become close personal friends. Through the years, many life long memories are created. Close affinities are created in a unique combination of character, class, style, persona, loyalty, shared revelations and jointly created memories---among others. To you all- thank you. There is one friendship that stands alone established by an act of God that we survived together many years back. When Greg Crouch comes to town each year, I think back to those life’s experiences that we all share that makes you think------life is good.


Dawn Stone seizes a photo opportunity as Bryan (aka Crosby"---right aft) takes a breather after landing this 185.

But wait a minute fellas--- while you were in flight---Dawn has this giant statement to make

Good things will happen to good people and what goes around---comes around. Crouch has the karma thing going on and his week in 2002 was no different. There are so many good stories to tell of his group of close friends this past week. After 3 years and on his 50th birthday, Ross finally hooked and landed his own fish (3 in one day as a matter of fact). Eliss was proud as a peacock with his newly discovered “lap dance” fighting technique. Charlie left his cell phone in the condo and broke his 200lb. mark. Robert was still going at it the hard way---and found himself writing an “ IOU” for 2K after a series of “double or nothings” with me in a contest of the first fish landed during a couple of multiple boat days. Greg got promoted (or demoted?) from 2nd mate to “technical adviser” after a slight over drag adjustment after we  cut the line on a blown up rod and successfully spliced it to another setup. Bryan (AKA “Crosby”) got a little too much sun and was well worn after his best to date of 185lbs. Dawn Stone (“female tarpon extraordinaire”) near showed the guys up as she relentless fought fish after fish with grace, a smile and begged for more.


There are few days to my recall that can come anywhere near what we experienced yesterday. Our first 7 drifts yielded 5 fish and in 4 hours 16 drifts totaled out at 9. In even a more pure and raw event, Brian doubled over and landed a fish that went 185. On the very next drift Charlie ousted him with a 200. The team was in the “zone” in one of most memorable experiences in my entire career. All of this as Greg sat the morning out at the condo to give Brian and Charlie more time on the water before departing Boca at noon.

Happy birthday “brother man, from the other land”. We think of you everyday and your esprit is forever within our souls. Love. Friendship. Loyalty.


Screaming Drags and Tired Arms!

Robert McCue

more images from 2002 here




Bill Meyer (left) is all smiles after landing this brute and I get a pat on the back from Dan Anderson (right).



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