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Florida Fishing Report

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Giant Tarpon Fury!

110% -24/7 is our company rule with no exceptions. CEO deckhand, Brian Timmons, readies himself in preparation to land the 2nd place fish in the 2006 PTTS Ladies Day event. Thank you Brian for 7 years of professional service and dedicated friendship! Do ya think you have 7 more in ya? ;-o)

Florida Fishing Report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
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For the first time in recent memory, Florida’s Gulf Coast has experienced no red tide anywhere thus far in 2006. The weather has been exceptionally stable. The bait has been abundant since the earliest days of spring. The cycle of giant tarpon visiting Florida in 2006 has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Anyone who knows me or has read these reports for any length of time knows that I am a true believer in the “cycles” of fish. In any given year, several variables will line up just right to catapult a species of fish to the forefront of Florida angling. There is no single variable, negative or positive, that contributes to a good “cycle”; but all cycles and the variables that contribute to them seem for the most part just part of the weather or a natural phenomenon, even red tide. The “sense of urgency” is over. 2006 was and remains the year of the Megalops atlanticus…AKA…tarpon.

I sit here today on Independence Day and reflect back to April to recall all the people we made memories with during the peak of 2006 and, too, a career that has now spanned some 20 years. Like any other year, we braved big winds and weathered severe thunderstorms in hopes to test our mettle against the silver gladiator. As well, we fished blue skies, light winds and shared some our lives formidable experiences under our tiki hut umbrella while floating among thousands of slow rolling tarpon. Either way, we escape(d)to another place where nothing else mattered. We paid homage to all before us who have been as fortunate as us. The tarpon is our catalyst in the great escape and the gift that never stops giving. Thank you Megalops atlanticus…for all you do.

I have been fielding a lot of email concerning the 2006 Professional Tarpon Tournament Series PTTS. In the series overall (aka “The Yamaha Team of the Year”) we finished 3rd out of 63. We took a 2nd place in the Ladies Day event with a 116-pounder. In week one, we took 2nd place with a 158 lb. fish. In week 5, we were nudged in the final minutes down to 3rd place with a 165 lber. The tournament series is currently airing on Sun Sport Network on Thursdays at noon, Fridays at 5:30pm, Saturdays at 12:30pm and Sunday’s at 10pm. Satellite users check your outdoor network channel listings.

The “season” is far from over as we are still putting them in the air on a daily basis and I expect that to continue.

I’ll keep the words short. Several images from the past weeks are to follow. My apologizes to our dialup users for the long download. Enjoy the images!

Screaming Drags And Tired Arms!

Robert McCue

L to R: Brian Timmons, Ryan, Doug, Douglas Hambel and Capt. McCue pay homage as the silver king goes bad on the end of Ryan's line. Photo courtesy of Todd Hoffman

Brian and Billy Longnecker (R) give lady angler, Jordan Mercade, some assistance in documenting Jordan's first giant tarpon. Well done Jordan!


Robert Clevenger waited near 10 years and did not mind breaking a sweat for his first entry into GiantTarpon.com's "200 lb Club". Congrats, Clev! Robert was fishing with long time friends, Greg and Dawn Crouch of Texas.


John Morteson of Wyoming hit a home run back in May with this giant tarpon. John landed this giant tarpon on a spinning rod while using a live threadfin herring as bait in just 6 feet of water! The fish taped out at 94 inches to the fork (100 overall) and had a 45 inch girth. +/- 5%, John's fish weighed 213 lbs!


Thank you Megalops atlanticus...for all you do!



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