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Florida Fishing Report


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Tarpon, Reds and Snook are Staple

Florida Fishing Report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
Florida fishing report
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Greg Crouch with a nice pass snook. Snook catches will increase as we move into the month. 

Surprisingly giant tarpon are still holding on strong. While overall and for reasons by several variables, tarpon have been in an off cycle state wide this past spring. Post-season numbers of fish are generally not of the likes we see in spring. However, several areas are holding good numbers of feeding fish at this time.

The fish are being found in the usual and classic spots of late summer. All summer there have been just a few days they are “off” for no known reason other than tarpon are tarpon. To serve as recent report in my past 3 consecutive trips they have been all been successful. The fish are showing and feeding with a vengeance around schools of menhaden and glass minnows. Twice in recent weeks the fish have been hitting the bait so hard, they have showered it over the gunwales of my boat. 

Charlie stands tall with a typical sized tarpon of post season.


Bob Greenwald with a nice beach snook. Snook will now make the trek back to the mainland shoreline.

Typically at this time of year we see a slow down in the frequency and consistency we can find good numbers of tarpon. Not the case so far this summer and no complaints from me. The major bridges spanning Tampa Bay are holding fish as well at night and at day-particularly around the major moon phases.

Not to be left out-the juvenile resident tarpon were showing well on a recent scouting trip. We target them as part of our flats trips pursuing red, trout, snook and mackerel.

Snook opened for harvest on September 1st. It will be a few more weeks before they take earnest on the flats. Fish are scattered throughout their range at this time. Best bets remain on the beaches and adjacent passes. Their movements back to the shoreline are triggered by the light to dark ratio that becomes more evident as the month progresses and likely peak for the fall in October and November. As always-with good timing and persistent fishing-they will provide decent action right now at low light and changing tides.

Our average rainfall for August (not to mention the year) is almost twice the norm. This has thrown a curveball to anglers seeking the schools of redfish that visit the shoreline at this time of year-massed prior to spawning. Normally once found-the reds are easily patterned for several days. The daily influx of freshwater likely is providing the fish a ticket to ride short distances from where they were before. Fishing is not always easy and some scouting may be in order to relocate the herds. There have been some nice schools around and most are oversized. The last one third of the flood tide around the barrier islands, creek mouths and cul-de-sacs are prime areas to look-particularly with the presence of mullet.
Philip Bonfanti (aft) sight casted this silver king on a light spinning rod and live bait.

Near shore-the mackerel and bonita are in the bait on the 20 foot contour line. Mango snapper are being taking on the reefs and rocky outcroppings from land based structure to well offshore. While difficult to pinpoint when and where, this time of year we do get some visits from some offshore reds on the nearshore rock piles, hard bottom and occasionally in the passes. Unlike their flats counterparts, these reds can exceed 30 lbs. While they are CPR (catch, picture and release only) they are  sporting and make for some great pictures.

Summer doldrums are near behind us as were are now just weeks away from peak fall conditions.

Screaming Drags and Tired Arms!

Robert McCue


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Florida Fishing Report

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