A moderate La Nina winter is continuing to keep anglers and fishes on the move. Overall, the winter has been unseasonably mild, but infrequent cold fronts are likely to continue over the next several weeks. Air and water temperatures will drop the next few days keeping the virtual early spring pattern in check.


Undeviating Drum 


For the past year, the North Suncoast has experienced one of the best trout and redfish cycles in recent memory. Parallel to last winter, we have had several recent trips in which we easily achieved double digit catches on a single drop of the anchor. Extraordinary yet inconsistent catches of snook were being made along the edges of flats where water temperatures remained in the upper sixties this past week.


Pro Logic


Negative low tides will continue the next few days, accompanied with northerly quadrant winds. The combination of these two occurrences will make the tides even lower than forecasted. This will move the fish into the holes just inside the creeks and rivers mouths. Find the right ones and double-digit catches are still possible, despite the drop in water temperature.


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