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Florida Fishing Guide: Capt. Robert McCue

Number 1)  Florida fishing guide, Capt. Robert McCue has been a career fishermen his entire adult life. There is no substitution for experience.

5 Reasons To Fish GiantTarpon.com Florida Fishing Charters tarpon fishing chartersOther than a brief period in college followed by serving in the United States Marine Corps, Capt. Robert McCue has been a Florida fishing guide. In his early years, he waited tables at night and fished during the day while launching his career. He has continuously guided for twenty-four years and has been a full-time guide for the past 21 years.

Number 2) Florida fishing guide, Capt. Robert McCue consistently competes against the world's best professional fishermen and these are the verified results.

Capt. Robert McCue has successfully guided 8 certified IGFA world records. Capt. Robert McCue has won just over $300,000 in tournament fishing. Capt. Robert McCue (team) holds the record for the largest, single, purse winning in any open tarpon tournament and is in the top ten of the most winningest captains in the history of Boca Grande tarpon fishing tournaments . Capt. Robert McCue holds the record for the most consecutive release crowns in any open tarpon tournament series. In 2007, Capt. Robert McCue won the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS) coveted Jim Beam Tarpon Cup and through this day holds the record as the 1st and only person to win a double qualifying tournament in Boca Grande. He tagged more tarpon than anyone in the world for science during the years 2005, 2006, and 2007 and has been the collective world leader in genetically tagged tarpon in 2005, 2006, 2007,2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Number 3) Florida fishing guide, Capt. Robert McCue is a conversationalist and steward of Florida fishing. He believes in giving back to the resource and protecting it for generations to come.

Capt. Robert McCue successfully contributed to attaining gamefish status for red drum (1989), to passing the Gill Net Limitation Constitutional Amendment (1996) and to enacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Amendment (1998). In 2003, he successfully lobbied for a $5,000 private donation to finance The Boca Grande Pass Enhancement Fund. Capt. Robert McCue donates his time and resources to the Boca Grande Enhancement Fund’s dive operations in cleaning the floor of Boca Grande Pass. Capt. Robert McCue was the only tarpon guide to acoustically tag tarpon in the Tarpon Catch and Release Mortality Study in both Boca Grande and Tampa Bay (2002-2007). Capt. Robert McCue unconditionally opened his boat to state observers in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Condervation Comission (FWC) Tarpon Observation Study (2004). Capt. Robert McCue has contributed more tarpon DNA samples than anyone in the world to the FWC Tarpon Genetics Recapture Program (ongoing). In 2009, Capt. Robert McCue was the first participant to reach 500-tagged tarpon as part of this program using DNA to track tarpon. Capt. Robert McCue has traveled to all corners of Florida to testify in front of Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Capt. Robert McCue has served as a director for Florida Guide's Association and the Florida Conservation Association now called the Gulf Coast Conservation Association.

Number 4) Florida fishing guide, Capt. Robert McCue is a professional fishing resource that is relied upon as an industry �grocery man".

Capt. Robert McCue has had 3 features in published fishing books The Reef Fishing Book, The Masters of Snook Book and Florida's Master Anglers. Capt. Robert McCue has been featured in many international magazines to include National Geographic where his tarpon fishing made the list of the top 100 adventures in the United States. Capt. Robert McCue has been a published outdoor columnist and a trusted source for fishing information in several Florida newspapers. For two decades, state and academic fishery biologists regularly contact Capt. Robert McCue for field assistance in catching fish for scientific study. Capt. Robert McCue is a field tester and representative for several of the industry's largest corporations to include Mercury Marine, Motor Guide, Dorado Boats, Lenco Marine, Costa del Mar and Sign Zoo. In turn, these corporations invest tens of thousands of dollars in Capt. Robert McCue.

Number 5) GiantTarpon, Capt. Robert McCue, is the guide’s guide. The message our website GiantTarpon.com is carrying is that not only do we respect your hard earned money, but we can also be entrusted as your catalyst for lifetime memories. There can only be one, the original GiantTarpon.com

Capt. Robert McCue's GiantTarpon.com is Florida's original fishing guide Website that was born in the shadows of Windows 95. We stand witness to our ideas, content, slogans and design being emulated and often copied. Some entities use state of the art software programs that help their business attain a rank near ours in Web searches. Others purchase sponsored links pay for click's to get ranked above us. Others try to duplicate our icons such as the original GiantTarpon 200-pound Club. We have seen many come and many go during our web presence the past 16 years, but there can be only be one original. There are no shortcuts in being a career-Florida fishing guide, attaining longevity with a reputable following and being a self starter that leads on the cutting edge.


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5 Reason to Fish GiantTarpon.com & Florida Fishing Guide Capt. Robert McCue


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Florida fishing on the saltwater flats of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay,Clearwater,orlando and Disney area, using lite tackle and fly fishing for tarpon snnok redfish and trout

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