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It is no secret that the moon has a very present effect on fish and in particular, Florida saltwater gamefish. Roughly 15 days of each and every month feature stronger tides than the other days. This occurs around the major moon periods of the full and dark moon. In addition to tide strengths, the moon also plays a key effect on gamefish movement and feeding habits. It really takes a lifetime to develop an understanding of gamefish habits during different phases of the moon and the different months of the year. This information is provided as a basic guide for reference in your trip planning. Please keep in mind that tides are merely predictions. On any given day they can be significantly different in height, strength, and time due to other natural variables. The same being true of gamefish habits.


4  New moon 

1  First quarter

3 Full moon

2  Last quarter

2020 Moon Phases Calendar

Jan 1,10:3,17:2,  24:4
Feb 1: 1, 9:3, 15:2,  23:4
Mar 2:1, 9:3, 16:2,  24:4
Apr 1:1,7:3,14:2, 22:4,30:1
May 7:3,14:1,22: 4,29:2
Jun 5:3,  13: 1 21:4,  28:2
Jul 5:3,  12:1 20:4,  27:2
Aug 3:3, 11:1 18:4, 25:2
Sep 2:3, 10:1, 17:4  23:2

1:3, 9 1, 16:4,  23:2,31;3

Nov 8:2, 15:4,  21:1  30:3
Dec 7: 2,14:4,  21: 1 29:3


Tarpon Springs Tides (Anclote River) Boca Grande Pass Tides

Tampa Bay Tides (Skyway)  

Sarasota Bay
Manatee River 
El Jobean
Redfish Pass Captiva Island
El Jobean
Port Tampa-Old Tampa Bay 

The Sea

Marine Forecast Wind Forecast Future Radar Image

COMPS Weather Station Observation Site(current water temps, wind speed etc.)


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