Giant Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters 2020

Giant Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters in Boca Grande, Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Homosassa, Tarpon Springs, Orlando - Disney Area of Florida.

Giant Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters

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We Go Where The Florida Fishing For Giant Tarpon Is Absolute Best Each Month Of The Season

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Boca Grande, Bradenton, Sarasota. Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa Bay, Orlando and the Disneyworld Area
"Pre-Season GiantTarpon"

tarpon fishingThe majority of "tarpon guides" cramming the Internet with webpages are seasonal guides who fish tarpon during the reproduction cycle in May and June. This has lead to the misconception that this is when the fish are here. That is false. The fish are here virtually 12 months out of the year. That is-if you know where and how. Some time around the vernal equinox in March, when the ration of light to dark begins to increase and the water temperatures begin to warm, the fish that wintered here will begin to move out of their sanctuaries to feed.

As of 2020, I have dedicated 34 years of my life to professional tarpon guiding. It is and has been my only source of income. A full time fisherman who is completely independent of any outside income or resource can not live a quality of life by just May & June alone. When a professional fisherman sees a hurdle in the form of a income limitation, the best ones work harder to expand their knowledge and experience. They don't fall into the trap of thinking like or with their "buddies" - that's what separates them from "the fleet".

He/she will find new places and develop new techniques that will eventually be "found out". This has historically resulted in developing fisheries that did not exist prior. These "3 percenters" are the very core of the entire industry- no holds barred.

When is tarpon fishing best? The answer to that is trivial for a seasoned pro....any time they can be found...starting in March!

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St Patrick's Day Through Thanksgiving ... Peak  Season

Charlotte Harbor Estuary - Boca Grande, Florida -The World's Best Giant Tarpon Fishing
World Famous Boca Grande, Boca Grande Pass, Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound ,Southwest Beaches and Saltwater Flats Charters.

Tarpon fishing in Florida"Beach and The Charlotte Harbor Estuary"
Charlotte Harbor Estuary is the state's largest natural estuary and the most productive wetlands in Florida. The estuary has a large watershed, including the Peace River, Caloosahatchee River and Myakka River basins and covering 12,653 square kilometers. In short, the Charlotte Harbor Estuary is staple to the entire reproductive cycle of global stocks of tarpon. It seems the fish are all, going there, leaving there or living there and that makes the estuary the most logical place to fish Florida tarpon. Fish the beaches, flats, and backcountry fishing with light tackle - spin, fly, or plug for Giant Florida Tarpon along some of Florida’s most beautiful coastline. Endless schools of unpressured  "happy" Florida tarpon. Recommended fishing charters for  both virgin and expert tarpon fly / flyfishing anglers. The average fish is 125 lbs. For more information on beach, flats and backcountry tarpon fishing , please visit "The Tarpon Series" part two.

"Boca Grande Pass"
Fish world famous Boca Grande Pass on medium livebait tackle. This is the place for monster giant tarpon. In 1997, the first 200lb tournament tarpon was landed in Boca Grande Pass. Since 2005, the tournament record stands at  216lbs. In 2002 we unofficially snapped the United Sates all tackle record with 243lbs and again in 2003 with 250lbs (see "In The News"). A dozen hookups a day are not uncommon here.

Mid July - Thanksgiving

"Post Spawn" Tarpon Charters Are Our Specialty.

Boca Grande tarpon fishingYou may hear that that the “tarpon season” is over during this time while searching the Internet. This is the best time of year to avoid the crowds and fish tarpon during their post spawn stage of migration. While May and June offer the classic "As Seen on TV" casting to large school in emerald green water, our tagging results will prove, we catch more tarpon post spawn during the summer than we do in the spring.

Post spawn tarpon inhabit the Charlotte Harbor Estuary for one reason, to feed in regaining lost body fat from the rigors of spawning. The tarpon are hungry and very receptive to live bait and to those who love to fish tarpon by casting/trolling artificial lures on bass tackle. For fly fishermen, the waters are dark and often require “blind casting” areas of rolling tarpon. For this reason, the fly-fishing for tarpon at this time is best suited for hard-core fly-fisherman.

All Year

Fish our Juvenile Florida Tarpon (20-60 Lbs.) Year Round On Ultra-Light Tackle In The  Backwaters.

winter juvenile tarpon FloridaFish with the original finder of these backyard baby silver kings. "Grand Slam" Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout attempts on Full Day Trips.* Flyfishing Charters Available.

*As featured in the July 1997 Florida Sportsman magazine, "Triple Slam". Legendary writer Herb Allen, testifies to his eyewitness account to a Grand Slam for each of the three anglers with Capt. Robert McCue on a one day fishing trip & the camera rolling.

  • Flats - Backcountry - Beach - Pass-Bays - Inlets & Rivers
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  • Dawn - Dusk- Night - Morning - Noon- Afternoon- All Tarpon-All The Time. That's what we do :)
  • Novice to Expert- Giant tarpon fishing charters that last a lifetime
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  • Boca Grande, Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte
  • New state of the art tarpon boat and tackle


For a in-depth look at fishing Florida tarpon, visit our complete series on tarpon.

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